Adjectives for Communication, Words to Describe Communication

Communication is an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues or even complete strangers, we depend on communication to express ourselves in day-to-day life. How well you communicate can make a big difference in the level of success and happiness that you experience.

It’s important to understand how different words and phrases affect people when used in communication – especially the impact that adjective words can have. Today we’ll explore just a few adjectives to describe communication that help bring clarity and positivity into conversations!

Adjectives for Communication

20 Adjectives for Communication

Articulate Clear Coherent
Conversational Diplomatic Effective
Efficient Eloquent Expressive
Fluent Honest Informative
Intuitive Persuasive Respectful
Smooth Succinct Sympathetic
Thoughtful Well-spoken  

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Words To Describe Communication

  1. Articulate: expressing ideas effectively
  2. Clear: easily understandable
  3. Coherent: logically organized
  4. Conversational: informal and interactive
  5. Diplomatic: tactful and considerate
  6. Effective: producing desired results
  7. Efficient: quick and effective
  8. Eloquent: fluent and persuasive
  9. Expressive: conveying emotions and ideas
  10. Fluent: able to express easily
  11. Honest: truthful and transparent
  12. Informative: providing useful information
  13. Intuitive: easily understood
  14. Persuasive: able to influence others
  15. Respectful: showing respect
  16. Smooth: flowing and effortless
  17. Succinct: brief and to the point
  18. Sympathetic: understanding and supportive
  19. Thoughtful: well-considered and planned
  20. Well-spoken: able to speak effectively

Adjectives of Communication in Example Sentences

  1. He gave an articulate
  2. She provided clear
  3. The report was coherent and easy to follow.
  4. The meeting had a conversational
  5. He used diplomatic
  6. The communication was effective in resolving the issue.
  7. The process was efficient and quick.
  8. Her argument was eloquent.
  9. The poem was expressive and touching.
  10. He answered the questions fluently.
  11. She was honest about her intentions.
  12. The newsletter was informative and educational.
  13. The therapist had an intuitive understanding of the patient.
  14. His sales pitch was persuasive.
  15. He showed respect in his communication.
  16. The conversation was smooth and natural.
  17. The summary was succinct and to the point.
  18. She was sympathetic towards her friend’s situation.
  19. The email was thoughtful and well-planned.
  20. He was well-spoken and made a great impression.

Synonyms of Communication

  1. Expression
  2. Conveyance
  3. Transfer
  4. Transmission
  5. Declaration
  6. Dissemination
  7. Explanation
  8. Report
  9. Message
  10. Dialogue
  11. Correspondence
  12. Broadcasting
  13. Expression
  14. Declaration
  15. Delivery
  16. Delivery of information
  17. Relaying of information
  18. Exposition
  19. Conveying
  20. Utterance

20 Adjectives for Communication Words To Describe Communication Adjectives of Communication in Example Sentences Synonyms of Communication

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