Top 30 Adjectives for Racism (Negative & Positive Words)

Racism, a deeply rooted and controversial topic, can be described with a variety of adjectives. This post will explore both positive and negative words to capture its multifaceted nature, providing clarity on its essence.

Description of Racism

Racism is a belief that one race is superior or inferior to others, leading to discrimination and prejudice.

Words to Describe Racism

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Racism:

  1. Prejudiced
  2. Discriminatory
  3. Bigoted
  4. Xenophobic
  5. Stereotyping
  6. Racial
  7. Biased
  8. Unjust
  9. Intolerant
  10. Hateful
  11. Supremacist
  12. Narrow-minded
  13. Divisive
  14. Exclusionary
  15. Systemic
  16. Deep-rooted
  17. Offensive
  18. Ignorant
  19. Elitist
  20. Polarizing
  21. Colorist
  22. Ethnocentric
  23. Segregationist
  24. Insensitive
  25. Ingrained
  26. Microaggressive
  27. Derogatory
  28. Blind
  29. Misinformed
  30. Overt

Positive Words to Describe Racism

Note: It’s challenging to find genuinely positive descriptors for racism itself as the phenomenon is inherently negative. Instead, these words might be seen as ways people confront or understand racism better.

  1. Confronted
  2. Challenged
  3. Debunked
  4. Questioned
  5. Exposed
  6. Addressed
  7. Refuted
  8. Dissected
  9. Opposed
  10. Unmasked

Negative Words to Describe Racism

  1. Divisive
  2. Hurtful
  3. Ignorant
  4. Hateful
  5. Intolerant
  6. Discriminatory
  7. Offensive
  8. Blind
  9. Derogatory
  10. Prejudiced

Adjectives for Racism (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Having an irrational dislike of someone.
  • Sentence: The prejudiced man refused to listen.


  • Meaning: Making unfair distinctions.
  • Sentence: The law was clearly discriminatory.


  • Meaning: Narrow-minded.
  • Sentence: Her bigoted views were shocking.


  • Meaning: Fear of foreigners.
  • Sentence: The xenophobic comments were hurtful.


  • Meaning: Oversimplified image.
  • Sentence: Stereotyping leads to misunderstandings.


  • Meaning: Based on race.
  • Sentence: Racial bias still exists today.


  • Meaning: Favoring one side.
  • Sentence: The report was clearly biased.


  • Meaning: Not fair.
  • Sentence: The treatment was unjust.


  • Meaning: Not tolerant.
  • Sentence: The community was intolerant.


  • Meaning: Full of hate.
  • Sentence: The speech was hateful.

How to Describe Racism in Writing?

Describing racism in writing necessitates careful attention, ensuring that the portrayal is accurate and sensitive. Understand the complexities and nuances of racism, avoid perpetuating stereotypes, and ensure the perspective is grounded in reality.

Seek authentic sources and testimonials, using direct experiences to add depth and authenticity. Remember, the objective is to shed light and inspire change, not further alienate or harm.


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