Words to Describe Smoke, Adjectives for Smoke

Words to Describe Smoke, Adjectives for Smoke! Smoke can often be seen as a nuisance, but it can also be an interesting and beautiful thing to observe. There are many adjectives that can describe the sight of smoke in its various forms, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

One such adjective is wispy. This word perfectly captures smoke that wafts gently in the air with minimal disruption or movement from prevailing winds. Another common adjective used to describe smoke is smoky—a term which aptly describes thick plumes of smoke rising up into the sky and lingering for extended periods of time. It can also refer to smokiness associated with certain aromas and flavors, such as smoked meats or tobacco products like cigars.

adjectives for smoke

20 Adjectives for Smoke

Acrid Smoggy Sulfurous
Toxic Foul Stale
Hazy Choking Pungent
Odorous Putrid Murky
Noisy Blinding Aromatic
Polluted Harmful Thick
Mephitic Dangerous  

Words to Describe Smoke

1- Acrid: having a strong, unpleasant smell.

The acrid smell of smoke filled the air.

2- Smoggy: characterized by the presence of smoke or smog.

The smoggy sky was a warning sign of pollution.

3- Sulfurous: smelling of sulfur or having a strong odor.

The sulfurous fumes from the factory were dangerous.

4- Toxic: containing poisonous substances.

Toxic chemicals leaked into the river.

5- Foul: having an unpleasant, offensive smell.

The foul odor made it hard to breathe.

6- Stale: not fresh; musty smelling.

The stale smell of smoke lingered in the room.

7- Hazy: clouded with smoke or dust.

The hazy atmosphere made it difficult to see.

8- Choking: producing difficulty in breathing due to an unpleasant smell of smoke.

Choking smoke from the fire filled the street.

9- Pungent: having a strong, sharp smell or taste.

The pungent aroma of spices filled the kitchen.

10- Odorous: having a distinctive and usually pleasant scent.

His odorous cigar smoke was annoying.

11- Putrid: having a very bad odor caused by decay.

The putrid smell of decay was overwhelming.

12- Murky: dark, cloudy, and thick with smoke.

The murky sky made it hard to see the stars.

13- Noisy: making a loud roaring sound like fire or explosions.

The noisy explosions shook the ground.

14- Blinding: reducing visibility due to clouds of dust, sand, or smoke.

Blinding smoke from the fire obscured our vision.

15- Aromatic: having a pleasant and distinctive smell.

Aromatic incense filled the room with pleasant smells.

16- Polluted: made dangerous by the addition of unhealthy substances.

The polluted water was not safe to drink.

17- Harmful: causing or capable of causing harm.

Harmful gases were released into the atmosphere.

18- Thick: characterized by a lot of smoke or vapor.

Thick smoke spread throughout the city.

19- Mephitic: having an offensive smell, like that of rotten eggs.

Mephitic fumes made it hard to breathe.

20- Dangerous: likely to cause harm or injury.

The dangerous fire threatened people’s lives.

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